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    Do you ever find that you are stepping on the scale at least once or more than once a day? Many of us have had the history of yo-yo dieting with weight loss then the dreaded weight gain experience. We then habitually use the scale to guide our “next steps”. Just be mindful of the way you interpret success on your path to a healthier lifestyle. The scale can be a useful “tool”, but consistency is your “friend”. Consistently making healthier food choices and increasing daily activity have revealed that the scale is not always the best way to measure your success. Challenge yourself to stay off the scale for a week. Actively become involved by “choosing” to plan your day around healthier choices—whatever that may be for you. Eating right, increasing daily activity and getting a good nights’ rest can have positive effects in your daily productivity! Take it “day by day” and try not to “weigh by day”. You might be surprised with the outcome! Share your way of becoming healthier….we all need to learn from each other, knowledge is power! Have fun on your journey!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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